Future DJs: After-School Program

Future DJs is an exciting new offer for after-school enrichment curriculum at elementary and middle schools within the greater San Diego area. Future DJs provides the most convenient way for your child to begin learning the art and craft of DJing in an environment they are very familiar with, their very own school! DJing is extremely fun but it also highly educational.


Everyone knows how beneficial music is to the heart, soul and most importantly, the brain. DJing is no different. From day 1 your child will be learning visual, auditory and kinesthetic motor skills that are crucial to DJing and even more important to a young and developing brain.

DJing requires recognizing numerous visual and auditory cues that will facilitate reaching the end goal of mixing songs together. The actual mixing of the songs requires physical triggers and fine tuning via specific buttons and adjusters on a DJ controller which is provided.


The class is based around the fun the children have in manipulating their favorite songs with the high-tech equipment provided. We administer creative exercises to get them on the fast track to learning the essentials all the while having a blast. A final performance will boost your child’s self esteem and have them talking about their Future DJs experience months from now.

Enrolling your child in Future DJs will prove to be beneficial in numerous ways and will provide them with a new, analytical understanding of the music they hear every day.

Benefits Range From

  • New Confidence Gained

  • Advanced Brain Development

  • A New Hobby That’s Both Fun and Safe

  • New Career Path

  • Entertainment At Your Next Family Gathering

Contact us today to find out if Future DJs is offered at your school. If your school is not within our footprint find out how you can become a Future DJs’ advocate and help integrate the program within your school’s enrichment options. By becoming an advocate you have the potential to earn your child a free class!