HR-DJ: Team Building Experience

Team building is all the craze in today’s modern work environment. While the objective or goal is to strengthen bonds between teams through various interactive games and challenges, Fundamentals has created its own brand of team building rightfully dubbed “HR-DJ” because it provides benefits beyond the standard. We provide any office with the most cutting-edge, most exciting team building event teaching your team the art and craft of DJing. Who needs personality assessments when you have playlists!?

DJing has a bad rap for being all parties and glamour, which it can be if you want it to be, Tiesto, but many don’t know how educational and collaborative DJing can be. DJ duos are very popular and rely on each other to perform in front of thousands of people. We take it a step further and incorporate several of your team members into a “DJ Posse” in which collaborative efforts create an electric performance as an end goal for the event.

Sign HR-DJ to your next team building initiative or use it as a reward for your rockstar sales team, management or even your entire agency!

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