Ableton 101

During the Ableton 101 Level course you will develop your understanding of the mechanics of the Ableton interface and the basics of music production. This exploration will include the fundamentals of Sampling, Sample Editing, Digital Audio Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Midi programming, Arrangement, Music Theory, Synthesis, Effects and comprehensive overview of the music creation process.

  • The biggest challenge for new Ableton users is always workflow. How do you start with an empty Ableton Live session and end up with a finished song? Our 101 level class will cover this.

  • The class begins with basic song structure lessons and some useful tools to get your musical ideas going quickly.

  • We will learn to use professional sample packs and software instruments to get a clean, modern sound for your tracks.

  • Students will learn simple and powerful song structure strategies and other tools needed to edit, modify and complete songs.

  • This class requires students to have a fairly powerful laptop computer (3 years old or newer) and studio quality headphones. PC or Mac is fine, Windows 8 is not recommended. Students must bring their laptops every class.

Ableton 101 Course Specifics